Telescoping Handi-Reach Handles – Marijuana Venture

Dramm’s Handi-Reach Handles have been a staple in most greenhouses for decades. Dramm has offered custom-length handles up to 12 feet long, but because UPS won’t ship packages longer than six feet, the length of these watering tools often come at a very high shipping cost. To give workers the greater reach they need, while […]

It’s Official – Utah Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill into Law

Just in time to launch Utah’s medical cannabis program next week, Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill allowing MMJ in Utah. As reported by FOX13, the bill, Senate Bill 121, had just passed the Utah State Legislature the day before. The new bill makes several changes to the one previously signed. The governor called these […]

9-Year-Old with Tourette’s Finally Gets Relief with Cannabis

Jaxon Whetzel, a 9-year-old from Lawton, Oklahoma with a mild form of autism and Tourette’s syndrome, had a rough time until recently. As reported on ABC7 News, Jaxon was in pain from repeated severe tics caused by his condition, and he was teased at school and misunderstood by his teachers. But then his parents heard […]

Here’s Tom Steyer Twerking With Juvenile Because 2020 Hasn’t Been Weird Enough

COLUMBIA, S.C. — With Andrew Yang out of the presidential race, there’s been a dire shortage of chaotic energy on the campaign trail, but Friday night Tom Steyer might have backed that ass up right into that role — and into history. I’ve seen Yang staff throw fake $1,000 bills to the crowd as the […]

Here’s the File Clearview AI Has Been Keeping on Me, and Probably on You Too

After a recent, extensive, and rather withering bout of bad press, the facial recognition company Clearview AI has changed its homepage, which now touts all the things it says its technology can do, and a few things it can’t. Clearview’s system, the company says, is “an after-the-fact research tool. Clearview is not a surveillance system […]

‘Little Bitch’: Roger Stone Had Some Choice Words for a Lawyer Right Before He Got Sentenced

President Trump’s friend and former adviser Roger Stone managed to stay quiet for months after the judge in his criminal case put him under a strict gag order. But the famously flamboyant political operative got a few things off his chest a couple weeks ago during an hours-long civil deposition for another case in Florida, […]

Does Meth Contain Coronavirus? Cops Across the US Are Claiming It Does

Several U.S. police departments are falsely warning members of the public that their crystal meth could be contaminated with coronavirus, and that they should bring it to a police station to be tested. The campaigns appear to be a jokey way of getting people to admit to authorities that they are in possession of meth, […]

Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Asylum Policy Was Just Blocked by a Federal Court

The Trump administration’s year-old immigration policy that forced people to stay in Mexico while their asylum cases played out in the United States was blocked by a federal court in California on Friday. Almost 60,000 asylum-seekers from across Latin America have been stranded on the Mexican side of the United States’ southern border for months, […]

Game Developers Conference Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Fears

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) scheduled for next month in San Francisco has been cancelled, the organizers of GDC said in a shocking but anticipated announcement. The organizers blamed escalating concerns over the novel coronavirus, which has prompted a growing series of high-profile video game companies to announce they would not attend. “After close consultation […]

Elizabeth Warren Is Having an Awkward Fight With Her Own Super PAC

A super PAC supporting Elizabeth Warren is about to unleash a tidal wave of advertising to help keep her struggling campaign afloat through Super Tuesday. But there’s a problem: the Senator from Massachusetts wants the PAC — called Persist PAC, naturally — to disclose its donors, and it refused. Warren has made clearing dark money […]