A Tattoo and an Etsy Shirt Led Cops to Arrest Woman Accused of Burning Cop Cars

Protests over the police killing of George Floyd have swept the country for weeks. Thousands of people have filled the streets of cities all over the U.S. to protest systematic police brutality and racism, ignited by the video of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling over Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. A small minority […]

Joe Biden’s Evolving Views On Drug Policy—Then Versus Now • High Times

Holding a publicly elected office for the better part of five decades might make you well-qualified for president. But as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is finding out firsthand, it also makes it difficult to drastically change positions on an issue as critical to public life as drug policy. We searched the extensive database of […]

CEO of Open Technology Fund Resigns After Closed-Source Lobbying Effort

The head of the Open Technology Fund (OTF) Corporation, which funds internet freedom projects and technologies, resigned Wednesday because she said she became aware of a lobbying effort that would push the group’s funds toward closed-source tools rather than the open-source ones it has traditionally championed. In a resignation email sent to an OTF mailing […]

How Is Twitter Going to Moderate These Voice Recordings?

Wednesday afternoon, Twitter rolled out an update that allows people to record and tweet sounds. Twitter says it sounds like this, peaceful and relaxing: In reality, voice tweets give a platform that has a well-documented, decade-long harassment problem an entirely new, more difficult type of media to moderate, and now gives people the chance to […]

These Cities Are Stopping Police From Responding to Homelessness, Drug Use, and Mental Health Issues

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Several cities around the country are considering pulling police back from responding to calls that have little to do with violent criminal activity — including instances of homelessness, mental health issues, and drug use — so unarmed, trained professionals can step in, […]

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing May Finally Get a Hate Crime Law Passed in Georgia

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Georgia is one of four states that doesn’t have a hate crime law. But that might change after a group of white men with guns chased down, shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man whose family said he was out […]

Brands Pretend They Just Learned Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s Are Racist

The companies behind Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s have had a reckoning. Quaker Foods announced Wednesday that it will change the name and logo of its Aunt Jemima brand of syrup and pancake mix after using the racist stereotype for more than 130 years. The character is based on a 19th-century minstrel song called “Old […]

Sex Workers Can Access Financial Coronavirus Aid in This Canadian City

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he would be extending emergency government aid that helps people who have lost jobs during the coronavirus pandemic for another two months. But the extension of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) makes no difference for sex workers who are ineligible for the aid—except for sex workers […]

‘Little Bubbles’: the Pandemic Coping Strategy That Refuses to Go Away

There’s a clear sense of desperation in the air—desperation to return to public life. Unfortunately, actual progress when it comes to treating COVID-19 has not quite caught up to that thirst: there’s still no COVID-19 vaccine, no “cure” or universal treatment regimen, no accurate antibody test, no sense of what the presence of COVID-19 antibodies […]